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About Assay Depot Backoffice

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About Assay Depot Backoffice

What is Backoffice?

Whether you are part of a ten-person start-up CRO or a multimillion-dollar CRO, it’s costly and difficult to find research customers. Backoffice is part of a new and unique marketing channel that helps you establish new customer relationships and expand existing ones. It is a simple web-based application that enables you to advertise your services and products on the desktop of thousands of researchers and communicate directly with potential customers.

Why Use Backoffice?

Backoffice makes it easy for you to find new customers. From one central hub you can create your service and product advertisements, communicate with potential customers, respond to quote requests and much more. Backoffice is a new and efficient way to reach the desktop of thousands of laboratory researchers, research managers and procurement specialists.

How Do I Sign Up?

Register your personal work email address on the Backoffice to start managing your company profile and requests free of charge. There is only a small transaction fee for any project you've successfully secured through Assay Depot. For more information, contact Kevin Lustig, at

Looking for Tech Partners?

Assay Depot is seeking technology and co-marketing partners whose products and services can help make the RX/Backoffice experience richer and more effective. We’d like to work with companies that offer e-notebook services, data analysis and visualization tools and accounting integration software. If this is of interest to you, please contact our CIO, Chris Petersen, at

What are RXs?

Contract Research Exchanges (or RXs) are designed to act as primary outsourcing portals for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, virtual drug discovery companies and academic research scientists. Some RXs, like the one located at, are open to the public. Other RXs are created for specific companies and can only be accessed by authorized company researchers.

Who Uses Backoffice?

Backoffice is built for use by any provider of research services and products, from two-person startup companies to industry-leading CROs. Current users are located in over 100 countries.

How Do I Access Backoffice?

You simply sign in online wherever you have access to the Internet. There is no software for you or your customers to install, all data is safe, secured and backed up and no IT support is required.

About Assay Depot

Assay Depot is a privately held San Diego-based company whose mission is to dramatically improve the efficiency of drug discovery research. Its small group of employees knows firsthand how difficult and heart-breaking drug discovery research can be. They build and host public and private RXs in hopes of increasing the chances of breakthrough medical discoveries.


Send questions, press inquiries, comments and concerns to Kevin Lustig, our CEO, at