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Frequently Asked Questions

Backoffice Overview

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Questions

What is Scientist.com?

Scientist.com is a business-to-enterprise (B2E) marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of complex scientific services. Using Scientist.com, researchers and sourcing managers can design a custom study, request a quote, communicate with a supplier, purchase a custom service, track service progress and create reports, all from one easy-to-use platform. For suppliers, Scientist.com provides access to a rapidly growing customer base of tens of thousands of pharmaceutical, biotech and academic researchers.

When was Scientist.com founded?

Scientist.com (formerly known as Assay Depot, Inc.) was founded in 2007. Since inception, we have since partnered with over 24 large pharmaceutical companies, more than 100 biotech companies and the National Institute of Health (NIH) as well as thousands of research suppliers.

What are the benefits to me?

Using Scientist.com, suppliers can access thousands of potential pharma, biotech and academic customers from a single, easy-to-use website. Marketplace legal and billing consolidation reduces overhead costs and also speeds up the formation of new customer relationships. The marketplace also allows suppliers to differentiate themselves and build an outstanding digital reputation, which has become a critical factor in business success as more life science research companies go online or operate remotely.

What is the "Backoffice" (aka "Scientist for Suppliers")?

The Backoffice is the single, centralized Supplier hub that connects to all research marketplaces in the Scientist.com network. Suppliers use the Backoffice to respond to client requests, submit estimates (non-binding quotes), submit Statements of Work (SOWs), communicate with researchers, receive orders, submit invoices and track ongoing or completed projects.

How do I sign up to the Supplier Backoffice?

Simply click "Sign up" on the home page (http://backoffice.scientist.com). Enter your name and password, accept the website Privacy Policy and Terms of Use and click "Create an Account.”

What are the costs and terms?

There are no fees to register for an account, create a profile, receive requests or submit price quotes. A 1-8% transaction fee is charged on purchases made through the marketplace.

How do customers find me on a Scientist.com marketplace?

Customers search private marketplaces by entering service names, keywords or supplier names. The more complete your company profile, the higher the probability you'll be found by a customer.

Does use of a marketplace interfere with the strong existing relationship I have with a customer?

Absolutely not! By simplifying "peer-to-peer" communication, Scientist.com is designed to help you build new direct relationships and strengthen existing ones.

Can I communicate directly with customers?

Yes, Scientist.com only creates and hosts the marketplace and does not get between you and the customer. After the initial step, during which the Scientist.com Research Concierge team helps the customer select the most qualified suppliers, you communicate directly with customers and are responsible for all scientific and technical aspects of the customer relationship.

How can I let customers know that my organization is on Scientist.com?

We recommend you use this Registered Supplier Logo on your website or marketing materials to let customers know that they can work with you through Scientist.com directly.

Legal Questions

What is the Research Services Agreement?

The Research Services Agreement is an online MSA for custom pre-clinical research services and products.

What other types of supplier legal agreements are there?

We offer separate legal agreements for the purchase of real-world evidence, health economics and outcomes research services, human biospecimen (HBS) acquisition services and consultancy services.

Does a Supplier Agreement affect my existing MSA with a marketplace customer?

No. Any direct MSA you have in place with a client which covers the scope of the goods/services ordered by them via the marketplace will take priority over the relevant Supplier Agreement with any conflicting terms, excluding payment terms. Please see the Supplier Agreement for more details. Accepting the supplier agreement also empowers you to sell your entire portfolio of services within the scope of that supplier agreement, which may not be covered by your existing MSA.

Can you add red-line changes to any of the Supplier Agreements? Can suppliers and/or clients amend or add additional legal terms into the SOW?

We do not allow red-line changes, but you and the client can propose legal changes in the statement of work (SOW) which will apply to the order in question. Changes submitted by you will trigger a legal review by the client and will delay the start of a project.

What is the SOW and how is it created?

The SOW is a separate, direct agreement between client and supplier for the supply of the goods/ services ordered. It is governed by the terms of the relevant supplier agreement as if the client was a party to that supplier agreement. Scientist.com is also a party to the SOW for our role in the invoice/payment process. The SOW does not need to be signed and is created when the supplier receives the purchase order from us.

What is a legal rider? Can clients have legal riders?

A legal rider is an addition or amendment to an agreement. Clients are able to add legal riders to the SOW that can be reviewed by the supplier before responding to a request.

What does it mean for the clients to have third party beneficiary rights?

Third party beneficiary rights mean the client has the right to take legal action on a contract, despite not having originally been an active party to it. Under our model, the supplier and client have direct obligations to each other, including regarding confidentiality before an SOW is created (see below for further details).

Where can I view the Terms of Use?


Where can I view the Privacy Policy?

Our European Privacy Policy is available at https://backoffice.scientist.com/legal-notices/european-privacy-policy

Our global (non-European) Privacy Policy is available at https://backoffice.scientist.com/legal-notices/global-privacy-policy

Who has a right to confidentiality?

Confidentiality applies to both client and the supplier.

Before an SOW is entered into via the marketplace, a Pre-SOW CDA covering disclosures of information by the client and supplier relating to the request in question is entered into directly between that client and supplier. Please see the Pre-SOW CDA available at https://backoffice.scientist.com/legal-notices/pre-sow-mutual-non-disclosure-agreement for further details, including how it is entered into. Supplier information relating to pricing and any other information the supplier marks as confidential is protected under that Pre-SOW CDA.

Once an SOW is entered into, the confidentiality provisions in the applicable supplier agreement (or, in the event of a conflict, in any relevant existing MSA between that client and supplier) supersede the Pre-SOW CDA. Please see "Client Materials, Client Property, Client Samples and Confidentiality" in the supplier agreement.

Obligations of confidentiality between the supplier and Scientist.com are also in the “Terms of Use.”

Who owns the IP?

The client owns all the results unless agreed otherwise. Supplier owns technology improvements that relate solely and exclusively to its background proprietary IP. See “Client Materials,” “Client Property” and "Background Technology Improvements" in the Research Services Agreement.


What is SciPay?

Most of our pharmaceutical clients have supplier payment terms of 60-90 days. If you want to get paid sooner, you can sign up for SciPay, which features early payment options, invoice management tools and dynamic discounting. You can receive payment for completed marketplace transactions in as little as one day. Check out our case study!

How do I enroll in SciPay?

Fill out the application and send it to us at scipay@scientist.com. Once approved, send invoices to invoices@scientist.com for faster payment.

What is the cost to suppliers to participate in SciPay?

Our standard program rate is 2.5% for payment in 15 days.

How quickly can a supplier get paid by using the Early Payment feature?

You can receive payment in as little as one day or choose a longer term that fits your needs.

What are the benefits of joining the SciPay program?
  • Faster payments
  • Greater invoice transparency
  • Increased payment visibility
  • Improved accuracy of forecasting
  • Increased innovation
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Quick onboarding process

Miscellaneous Questions

What are RFIs?

RFI (Request for Information) are written technical assessments. Use the RFI tab under your Company Profile to fill out the Commercial Due Diligence RFI and any other RFIs for services you offer. This helps customers gain confidence in you and better understand your unique technical capabilities.

How can the five-star rating system benefit me?

It is now common for customers to search for suppliers based on their prior ratings and reviews. You are at a clear disadvantage if you have no online ratings. We highly recommend that you reach out to past and current customers and ask them to rate you on Scientist.com. Any past user with access to one of the Scientist.com marketplaces can enter a rating and review on your behalf.

What other marketing opportunities do suppliers have?

Scientist.com offers paid marketing opportunities on individual marketplaces or across all 100+ marketplaces. These include Sponsored Ads, Supplier Spotlights, Tech Snapshots, eNewsletters, Webinars, Podcasts and more. Go to the Manage Plan link at the top of the homepage to view free and paid subscription plans. Many marketing services can be ordered a la carte as well.

Which currencies does Scientist.com support?

Currently we support USD, GBP, EUR, SEK, CHF, CNY, JPY, and CAD.

I would like an overview of Scientist.com and/or a retraining. How can I receive this?

Send an email to suppliers@scientist.com, and we will provide an overview of Scientist.com, a live demo, and address any questions.